Quilts for Total Impact House

Last month I received a very special email that read, simply, “The quilts are done!”  

My first thought was, “How fantastic!”  My second thought was, “What quilts?”  After scrolling down and opening the attached files, I saw the beautifully crafted and personalized quilts to which the sender was referring.  Even more impressive than the quilts were the thirteen proud artisans who had made them!  I was completely blown away.

Girl Scout Troop 1764 learned about Kwagala Project from Sabrina Bliss, one of the Troop’s co-leaders who also happens to work at AAG American Advisors Group.  Touched by how the company has partnered with us to rebuild broken lives in Uganda, Sabrina shared the story with her daughter’s Troop, hoping they, too, would be inspired to act. 

They were, and began discussing immediately what they could do!  Though none of the girls knew how to sew, they chose to make quilts after agreeing that quilts would serve to “warm both their hearts and bodies.”  From start to finish it took the troop over three weeks to complete all six quilts. During much of that time, the girls discussed various social issues and human rights violations, asked a lot of questions, and even explored different ways to help more people in need.  ”Ultimately,” Sabrina said, “it brought them closer together as a group.”

Working together for the greater good has a way of doing that!

As you can see, they did an amazing job and the girls at the Total Impact House LOVE them.  Thank you, Sabrina and Girl Scouts Troop 1764. You are an inspiration. We couldn’t be more proud of you! 

- Kristen 

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